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    It was the most interesting volunteering program I had ever been a part of - with regard to its purpose, people and organisation.

    Roberto, YB Bucharest
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    YouthBank counts on youngsters' talent and ideas; it doesn't cut our wings, it doesn't hand us everything on a plate, it teaches us how to reach our destination.

    Anna Roxana, YB Bucharest
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    The program left its mark on me, and it helped me leave a mark on the comunity through visible results.

    Bianca, YB Cluj

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Filip Andrei Balota Alumni YB Bucharest

"Why to join YB? If you don't want to waste your time playing WOW, if you don't want to stay in bed thinking how seconds are going away one by one. If you want to do something for you, YouthBank is one of the solutions. And if you are asking me is the best one.

It helps you in your personal development, provides you new skills in teamwork, communication and knowing yourself. You will not stay in vain in your bed, but you will stay thinking what you can do to help more, what kind of event you could organize, who to select, you will think how it was the interview, how you will be at presentation, how you will look in the picture from press conference that was published in I-don't-know-which newspaper.